Hi, I’m Bronwen

I teach and practice yoga, mindful eating and shiatsu. Whether you are a busy business executive, an exhausted mother or just feel you need to get more in touch with your body, I have a practice to help you.

I’ve guided my body through injuries, pregnancies and some really bad habits. I’ve learnt to listen to my body and this connection has helped me to adapt my practices to the different seasons of my life. I try to do the same for my clients – I match the practices to the seasons of their lives to help bring them back to a state of balanced health. 

Simplicity is key. Simple regular practices are more effective than elaborate inconsistent ones.

I feel most alive when I’m moving and nourishing myself creatively. When I’m not teaching, my own daily practice includes yoga, Pilates, swimming and running. I have a deep connection with the ocean. I surf as often as I can and when there’s no waves, I like to run along side the sea and sense her rhythm.

Whether your preference is to practice online or in person, privately or in groups, I can help guide you along your path to health, healing and happiness.


Establish a regular practice to calm and strengthen your body, mind and spirit.

Mindful Eating

Get back in touch with your body’s inner wisdom to lose weight without dieting.


Balance your body’s meridians and re-establishing your natural harmony.

Practice Online

Learn the art of yoga and mindful eating in the comfort of your own home.
I’ve always been interested in how our body’s energy is influenced by movement, the environment and the food we put into it. This has led me to study and qualify in many different, but related, modalities:

Registered Yoga Teacher 500hr (RYT)

Pilates Matwork Teacher (BASI)

Shiatsu Practitioner MRSS (Shiatsu Society UK)

Nutritional Therapist (IAN)

MB-EAT Facilitator (Mindfulness Based Eating Awareness Training)

Reiki Level II Practitioner (Traditional Usui Reiki Ryoho)

Clinical Weight Control (SAC)

Personal Trainer (REPs Level 3)

Yoga Journey
I’ve had the privilege of being taught by some amazing teachers – Ulrike Lamprecht (traditional Ashtanga Yoga Teacher taught to her by Sharath R. Jois, grandson of the late Sri K. Pattabhi Jois of Mysore India), Lauren Mensikovas (Vinyasa Yoga Teacher trained by Baptiste Power Vinyasa Institute in the USA) and Jim Harrington (Vinyasa Yoga and Yoga Synergy teacher who studied with Simon Borg-Olivier)

In 2013 I trained with Jim Harrington to become a yoga teacher. I was attracted to his teaching because of my background in Exercise Science and Pilates. Jim Harrington’s ability to unlock the potential of the body through alignment and correct muscle recruitment is inspiring. This was also the start of my spiritual journey into the depths of yoga and yoga philosophy.

After my second pregnancy with our identical twin boys, I learnt to be more gentle with myself and my body. It was then that I was introduced to the work of Vanda Scaravelli and felt inspired by her approach of using gravity, the breath and the wave:

“It is not so much the performance of the exercises that matters, but how we approach them mentally and physically.”

This led me to studying Meridian Yoga for my 500 hour training with Annie Cryar, incorporating meridian and energy work with Vanda Scaravelli’s philosophies, combining my training and love for Shiatsu with yoga. My journey of study continues to inspire my teaching journey…

Photography by: Jan Lauer wdv Gesellschaft für Medien & Kommunikation mbH & Co. OHG, Bad Homburg, Germany