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I’ve developed my online programs to assist you in getting your eating, exercise and energy balancing practices in place.

Each area of health – Eating, Exercise and Energy practices – fit together. You won’t feel like exercising if you are not nourishing yourself correctly. If your body is imbalanced energetically, you will also be more likely to overeat or to choose high sugar, nutrient-poor foods. Each element of health needs to be looked at and they each have a knock-on effect on each other.

Take a look at yourself and decide which area needs attention first. If you know you often miss your exercise sessions because you are tired, then you need to look deeper into why you’re tired. Is it because you are hungry? Eating badly? Not sleeping enough? Have a muscular injury? If it’s food related, then perhaps you need to look at your eating habits first, then start exercising.

Decide which of these 3 areas of your health you need to focus on first – Eating, Exercise or Energy Balancing – then start with that program.

Eat. Mindfully.

Do you feel that dieting is no longer working for you? Do you wish to get in touch with your body’s wisdom to get back to your healthy and happy weight? My ‘Eat. Mindfully.’ program will guide you with techniques to help you lose weight and keep it off. Contact me for more information on my workshops and live events.

Feel. Moved.

Do you want to gain strength, tone and flexibility, but are unsure about where to start? Do you want simple exercises that you can do at home without needing to go to the gym? My ‘Feel. Moved.’ program will get you motivated on a sustainable exercise routine. Contact me for more information about my classes and workshops.

Be. Present. – Coming soon…

Do you feel stressed most days? Do you battle to get your mind to stop its constant chatter? You can incorporate simple exercises into your daily routine to help relieve your stress and regain your focus. My ‘Be. Present.’ program will guide you on this path.

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