My eyes open. No sound of stirring coming from the cots. Deep breath in. I roll over onto my side, exhale as I rise. Maybe I can sneak in a yoga practice before the twins wake…

Yoga with Twins - Bronwen de Klerk

Pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding and months of disrupted sleep have not been kind to my body nor my routine, but a heart overflowing with love for my family gives me an endless source of energy. I try to focus that energy into my yoga practice as I rise out of bed into Tadasana.

The groans of the waking young refocus my attention. I don’t even get to touch my mat, let alone roll it out. I walk over to the cot and Uttanasana to cradle my smiling bundle up to my heart chakra. My second baby starts to stir, but he’s not smiling. Still holding twin one in my left arm, I Ardha Chandrasana to lift and cradle twin two in my right arm. Back to Tadasana. Exhale. I’ll roll out my mat at their nap time to get in my practice.

I Utkatasana, baby in each arm, to sit on the couch. Feeding time. I gaze forward as I feel gratitude for being able to nourish my babies in the most natural way possible. Inhale. Exhale smile.

There is a deep sense of calm all round, bellies are full. Time to change diapers. I Vajrasana on the floor to prepare for my karma yoga practice. With their bare bums, they happily practice their Ananda Balasana.

Given no time to consider my appearance, I roll my hair into a bun – away from baby fingers – and slip into comfortable, versatile daywear. Back to my karma yoga.

I take a moment to replenish my energy stores with some breakfast while the twins get their mat time in Bhujangasana.

Halfway through breakfast, the boys are getting restless… time for a nap. Placed in their carrier chairs, I rock them gently as they fight off their much-needed sleep. Finally they drift off. Exhale.

I tiptoe to my mat and mindfully roll it out. It’s time…

Inhale. Raise arms. Baby cries. Exhale.

I gently rock him, practicing my pranayama with “Sssshhh” sounds. Only, he doesn’t look tired. I take him out, sit on my mat in Sukhasana as I try to feed him to sleep – not that easy. I keep practicing pranayama, my eyes closed, his not.

Finally he doses off, as I’m almost about to. I carefully take him to his carrier chair…. “Sssshhhh”… Utkatasana as I place him back into his chair. Asleep. Anjali mudra.

Twin #2’s eyes open. I hear Psycho shower scene music. No mat practice for me now. Exhale.

And so my day continues…

Inhale. Exhale. Uttanasana to pick up baby one. Inhale. Tadasana. Exhale. Ardha Chandrasana to pick up baby two. Inhale. Tadasana. Exhale. Utkatasana to sit down to feed them. Vajrasana as I change their diapers. Ananda Balasana. Pranayama practice as I put them to sleep: “Ssshhh…” Twin one falls asleep, twin two doesn’t. Twin two falls asleep, twin one wakes. No mat practice for me. Exhale. Repeat.

Inhale. Exhale Uttanasana. Inhale Tadasana. Exhale Ardha Chandrasana. Inhale Tadasana. Exhale Utkatasana. Inhale. Exhale Vajrasana. Inhale Ananda Balasana. Exhale “Ssshhhh”. I don’t feel like my mat practice anymore. Repeat.

Just when I feel I haven’t got anything more to give, it’s time to lay them down for the evening. I do my final Uttanasana as I lay them each down in their cots: “Sssshhh.” I retreat onto my bed. Exhale. Savasana! My thoughts drift to my day. Where did it go? Why couldn’t I fit a yoga practice into it? As I’m slowly brought back to the present, I’m flooded with awareness – today was my yoga practice.

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