“The sage accepts each new situation as heaven’s attempt to cultivate the seed it has planted within at the moment of conception.”

~ Lonny S. Jarret, Nourishing Destiny

Our heart starts beating in the womb at only a few weeks old, then it never stops until the day we die.

What is this rhythm throughout our life?

Do we follow it, or do we try to control it?

I created my Heart and Small Intestine practice based on the theory.

I go through the motions, the ritual.

But am I truly feeling?

I start to awaken to the rhythm of my practice. The rhythm of my breath, of my heartbeat.

I let go of expectation and control to feel the presence. The pulse can only be felt in the moment.

I follow my pulse within, to my core, my essence.

What makes me come alive?

My creativity awakens. I feel inspiration flow. My spirit comes alive in the moment.

I’m drawn in by the rhythm of the moment.

The desire to create, to feel, to express.

My practice starts to transform.

It speaks to me. I listen.

I stop controlling.

I feel…









My practice brings me to stillness…

It takes me within, to my depths.

The heart knows and, when we trust, the heart and mind become one.

Connecting with our heart brings us back in touch with our inner child –

The child that knows and has always known.

We touch our truth,

And then we let it guide us…

So we can dance to its rhythm.


“The heart is nourished by the momentary presence born out of commitment to all actions that empower the fulfilment of individual destiny.”

~ Lonny S. Jarret, Nourishing Destiny

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