Shiatsu is an ancient Japanese healing art. It works by applying pressure and stretches along the meridians of the body – clearing any blockages there might be and energising where the body’s energy is low. The result is that your body’s energy is balanced, leaving you feeling relaxed and energised. Shiatsu assists in alleviating many conditions, including headaches, back pain, sinusitis, muscular pain and many other conditions.

Shiatsu incorporates a vast amount of theory in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Energy Medicine and Food Energetics. Before starting the Shiatsu treatment, I will take a lifestyle and medical history, taking into account your reasons for coming for a treatment and any symptoms you may have. I will then make an energetic evaluation. The treatment is given on a soft futon mattress on the floor and through loose comfortable clothing. I apply sustained finger, thumb and palm pressure to release and restore the flow of energy (also known as “Ki” or “Chi”) through the body. I may also use gentle stretches and rotations to release and promote the free flow of energy, blood and lymph. Shiatsu treatments are deeply relaxing and promote your body’s own self-healing processes.

Private Shiatsu Massage sessions cost from £30 – £100 per session (30min-1.5 hours) depending on location, timing and requirements. Contact me for more information.