Yoga is more than just a form of exercise – it’s a way of life. Many of us may have started yoga to get stronger and more flexible or to ease stress, but after regular practice yoga starts to reveal itself as something so much deeper. It will eventually lead you on a spiritual journey of self-discovery and inner-harmony – whether that was your original intention or not!

I’m experienced in training people at all levels, ensuring that beginner students are guided in a way that builds confidence and increases their abilities at a pace that’s comfortable for them, but also keeping more advanced students engaged and challenged. I assist clients with various injuries – from back pain to sore knees – helping to rehabilitate and ensuring that other injuries are not exasperated. I’m sensitive to my clients’ needs and adapt my sessions accordingly.

Contact me for more information about private training, classes and workshops.

Sunday 5:00pm at Hotspot Yoga in Southsea

Thursday 7:15pm at Waves of Yoga in Southsea

Private Training sessions cost from £50 – £100 per session (1-1.5 hours) depending on location, timing and requirements. Contact me for more information.